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Plenary 6
Prof Fatimah Lateef
Senior Consultant, Dept of Emergency Medicine, Singapore General Hospital
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Professor Fatimah Lateef is Senior consultant, Director of Undergraduate Training and Education as well as Director of Clinical Service and Quality at the Department of Emergency Medicine, Singapore General Hospital. She is also Adjunct Professor at Dukes-NUS Graduate medical School and Yong Loo Lin Medical School, National University of Singapore. She teaches part-time at the School of Health Sciences, Nanyang Polytechnic. She is also the vice chair of Education in the Emergency Medicine Academic Clinical Programme at Singhealth. Fatimah is also Director of The Singhealth Duke NUS Institute of Medical Simulation, the largest simulation training facility in South East Asia. Her area of sub-specialisation includes Prehospital Care Medicine, Cardiovascular and Neurovascular Emergencies. She is also highly involved in medical education and research. She has worked in countries such the UK and USA and served as an International Consultant to MaxHealthcare, India.

She has presented more than 500 abstracts at international conferences, published over 300 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals and is on the editorial board and reviewer for some 50 international journals. She leads various leadership groups, grooming youths and doctors to excel.

She has been conferred numerous awards for her work. These include the Young Investigator’s Award (1998), The Outstanding Young Person of the World Award (2006), Woman for Peace Award, Sokka Gakkai International, (2007), and Singapore Medical Journal Recognition Award for Review with Distinction, (2007-2016), amongst others.

She continues to work full time, with a fulfilling career in Emergency Medicine, balancing clinical work with research and education, as well as her political and community responsibilities as an elected Member of Parliament in Singapore.

Programme Details

Track : Plenary 6
Day 2, 31 January 2019
9.00am - 9.45am
Topic : Mental Health in the Community: There’s More Than Meets the Eye!


The mainstreaming of mental health issues and individuals with mental health conditions into the community is the ultimate goal of every healthcare system in every nation. The contribution of every stakeholder is crucial. Only together, we can make the difference in mental health programmes, policies, and position. Together, we can enhance community capacity and capabilities development. The collaboration and cooperation of all sectors is important to ensure:
1. social integration and adaptation,
2. freedom from discrimination and violence,
3. access to economic resources, and
4. a life as near to normal as possible for those with mental illnesses.

With our healthcare agenda in Singapore, comes the National Mental Health Blueprint and Community Mental Health Masterplan. These are comprehensive frameworks as well as algorithms in charting and maintaining the mental health of our populace, as well as managing those with mental health issues in the community. How exactly does this work out on the ground and in reality? Which stakeholders and partners help to practicalise these frameworks into actionable deeds and steps? Where do discharged patients and their families seek support? Who can they talk to? Who can they confide in without being judged?

Prof Fatimah will share how she does it in her constituency, with positive results and outcomes. In her role as a Member of Parliament and also a mental health advocate, she has taken progressive and bold steps to carve out a niche for this very important area of our well-being.