Plenary Speakers

Plenary 5
Ms Kuik Shiao-yin
Director, The Thought Collective
Speaker's profile

Shiao-Yin runs The Thought Collective, a group of purpose-driven businesses, together with two founding partners. The Collective’s mission is to build social and emotional capital.

The Collective prepares organisations for complex and volatile times. It trains and coaches people in the social and emotional competencies needed to collaborate, sense new ways forward and create cultural change for our cities. The Collective also helps organisations design new approaches and strategic solutions for stakeholder outreach and engagement.

In Singapore, Shiao-Yin has served as a two-term Nominated Member of Parliament and advises the boards and committees she sits on to shape their strategy on developing youth talent (SCAPE*), nurturing cross-cultural harmony (OnePeople.sg) and strengthening national identity (Founder’s Memorial Committee).

She is a public speaker who shares her perspective on social innovation, narrative-shifting and bridge-building on various platforms, seminars and conferences.

Programme Details

Track : Plenary 5
Day 1, 30 January 2019
4.15pm – 5.00pm
Topic : Trust Building in a Complex Landscape


Shiao-yin shares her experiences and insights from her 16-year journey thus far of doing trust-building work through The Thought Collective.