Conference Day 1

  • - Keynote Dialogue: The Recovery Perspectives
  • - Plenary 1: The Power of People: Building More Inclusive Communities
  • - Plenary 2: Overview of Improving Mental Health Systems in ASEAN Member States (AMS)
  • - Plenary 3: Empowered Service Users, Better Service Delivery
  • - Plenary 4: Research and Upscaling of Recovery Oriented Services in Hong Kong
  • - Plenary 5: Trust Building in a Complex Landscape
Keynote Dialogue: The Recovery Perspectives

What does recovery mean, and do we all have a role to play? 

The road to recovery often begins with seeking help, and there are many other factors that contribute to the recovery journey. This keynote dialogue seeks to uncover perspectives from different players in the ecosystem, to gain a deeper understanding of recovery from a holistic viewpoint.


Mr Hsieh Fu Hua, Founder, BinjaiTree
Dr Chua Hong Choon, Chief Executive Officer, Institute of Mental Health
Mr Jeffery Tan, Group General Counsel, Director – Legal & Corporate Affairs, Secretary, MINDSET Care Ltd
Ms Porsche Poh, Executive Director, Silver Ribbon (Singapore)
Ms Sumaiyah Mohamed, Programme Co-ordinator,Club HEAL


Ms Tina Hung, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, National Council of Social Service

Plenary 1: The Power of People: Building More Inclusive Communities

Gared will share his insights and views on the future trends on where society and engagement may be going and implications for social sector organisations, where trust sits and the roles that government, companies and nonprofits can play. He will also help to identify some of the ways social service organisations are responding to these trends through social innovation and civic entrepreneurship.

The session will also touch on the research, methodology and approaches Points of Light have developed to better equip social services organisations to leverage volunteers as part of their ongoing operations and activities – as well as how organisations have been applying these approaches and results they are seeing. Learn on the initiatives that includes expanding partnerships with companies to better leverage the passions, talent and resources that can come with employee engagement in social activities. Gared will also touch on best practices in volunteer engagement, management and retention. There will be discussions on how we are seeing a shift in individual civic engagement from volunteering toward changemaking, and the implications for how nonprofits think about engaging with today’s “changemakers”.


Mr Gared Jones, Chief Networks Officer, Points of Light
Plenary 2: Overview of Improving Mental Health Systems in ASEAN Member States (AMS)

There is increased awareness of the need to address and improve mental health care in all AMS. Common barriers faced are stigmatisation, lack of understanding and family support, difficulties of access to facilities and financial problems. In several AMS, traditional belief systems that view mental illness as possession by spirits or the result of black magic are still widely held especially in remote areas, resulting in many not being treated and end up being restrained or neglected.

There is a broad similarity in the types of mental illness encountered, such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, OCD, and alcohol abuse, with variations in the order of occurrence. Singapore is among the few who have highlighted age-related dementia as an area to address. With the ageing population in Singapore, it is timely to focus on this in terms of education of families and other care resource development.


Mrs Laura Hwang
Plenary 3: Empowered Service Users, Better Service Delivery

What does it mean to empower service users?

Sumaiyah and Daryl share the experience of their recovery journey, and how they were empowered to live with dignity. Now, they seek to make a difference to the lives of others in recovery. This sharing allows participants to better appreciate how the larger ecosystem can benefit from empowering service users.


Ms Sumaiyah Mohamed, Programme Co-ordinator, Club HEAL
Mr Daryl Tan, Peer Support Specialist, Rehab Department, Club HEAL
Plenary 4: Research and Upscaling of Recovery Oriented Services in Hong Kong

A recovery-oriented approach in mental healthcare is an area that is increasingly being discussed these days. Service providers and policy planners are keen to grasp the concept as they aim to inspire service users (and their caregivers) to achieve the recovery outcomes.

This plenary session will look at the importance of recovery-oriented services in the field of mental healthcare. The speaker will seek to granulate the nature of recovery that is required of our everyday practice. This will include a consolidation of subject-matter “recovery” and will review the experience and lesson learnt in Hong Kong with regards to the design and implementation of recovery-oriented services. The talk will also look at critical factors for sustained practices and examine different approaches to interventions across diverse settings and communities. Finally, this talk will demonstrate how various stakeholders are involved in discussing and debating the difficult questions to foster and upscale mental healthcare services.


Prof Samson Tse, Associate Dean (Undergraduate Education), Director of Experiential Learning, Hong Kong University
Plenary 5: Trust Building in a Complex Landscape

Shiao-yin shares her experiences and insights from her 16-year journey thus far of doing trust-building work through The Thought Collective.


Ms Kuik Shiao-yin, Director, The Thought Collective