Count down to SMHC 2017
8 - 9 Sept 2017 MAX Atria @ Singapore EXPO
About SMHC

About SMHC

We are excited to bring you the 4th edition of the Singapore Mental Health Conference (SMHC), a national platform for professionals in the healthcare, social service, and intermediate- and long-term care sectors, as well as consumers of mental health services, to gather to exchange ideas and discuss how to improve the mental health of our population.

The theme for the SMHC 2017 is ‘The Art and Science of Wellbeing and Happiness’. We hope to have lively discussions on how to ensure good mental well-being and factors that contribute to happiness.  We also aim to foster a continuing conversation on how best to deliver mental health care and support across a continuum of settings. Central to the conference is the aim to foster collaborations among the various sectors to build a society that is mentally healthy and resilient.

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